world largest reality portal


world largest reality portal

Everyone can use this service absolutely free as an individual.

FOR BUILDERS /DEALERS/PROMOTERS: Sqyards.com is interested in seeing your business grow and offers you their innovative advertising services (customized to give you a feel of your own website) on http://www.sqyards.com. As a builder /dealer/promoter, this will be a lot of saving in terms of your time and money for sure.

FOR INDIVIDUAL USERS AND OWNERSSqyards.com aims at meeting your specific requirements of properties or the prospective clients for your property by providing you this service with some unique /effective features.

It is so simple to best advertise your property/projects yourself on this site by posting even the most minute details through a number of pictures/sketches/map view and videos to recreate the visualization of an actual site tour from within the total comfort of your home or office.
FOR YOUR HELP: the detailed procedure can be accessed through the buy, sell and rent tabs on top left half of the home page. Explanatory text and tool tips will guide you as you proceed to use various features of this site.
Sqyards.com  is unique in style and concept in creative advertising with the following features:

Advertise Properties with live Videos, Sketches, Maps and Photographs. You can mark and show your properties on the SATELLITE VIEW/MAP.


Instant Contact with your customers directly by E-Mail and free Mobile SMS.

Dynamic Search Use multiple options for search to find your exact choice of the property.
Similarly, the Owners/Builders/Dealers can also search for their prospective clients for selling/renting out their properties.
You have the following options for search:-
Residential and Commercial Properties Search (tabs on the left half in the middle of homepage) by:-
And Browsing Projects/Properties listed in the center of home page,
Project search by selecting state/region/city and type.

sqyards is a world largest reality portal .


Advance Search by buyers for Residential and Commercial Properties for your customized search by selecting certain unique parameters such as area, city, locality, listing time, and the  only properties listed with photographs (Tab on top of Buyers’ section).For more information please go through the contents under  the ‘buy’ tab on the home page.
 Search by Keywords and property ID

This is akin to GOOGLE (universal) search on this site based on the  keywords or the property
ID of the property you are interested in. (Tab on top left corner of  home page)

Our Motto – “Making your business grow”
We provide IT services to clients globally and has always focused on leveraging new technologies in a proven, cost-effective fashion. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization’s current IT assets


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